Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enough Already

Enough of the pictures from Utah- hahaha- yeah right. I tend to do an overload of posts when we do trips because it is just more fun that way. Besides- I haven't talked about the reception yet.
In the above picture I gave Rich the ultimatum- either the hat or the glasses but not both. He chose the hat of course.
A little blurry but the crepe desserts were amazing and Ryann loved the chocolate pudding.
Cara is quite the charmer of Grandpa and Grandma Great- and everyone else she hangs out with.
And save the best for last! CC and Ryann are basically cousins and it was so fun to see them chase each other around and play with their horsies and balloons!

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Erin and Zach said...

OH my goodness! How adorable! CC and Ryann are too cute! Look at them holding hands and their dresses! i LOVE Cece's purple gown! Was she a flower girl ??

So jealous!