Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Golden Goose

Ryann can never say I only took bad pictures of her and not of Cara. Cause that sure isn't true.
If you noticed in the video from yesterday- Cara has a fascination with Uncle Zach and his picture. As does Ryann. We will sure miss him while he is gone on his mission but with that being said we are so excited for him to go.
One question we may never get the answer to is, Who in the world takes their senior picture with a Golden Goose??


Anonymous said...

they better not forget about me while i am on my mission. i am going to miss them! (and their baby brother)

Cathy said...

I know the answer!! I do !! I do!!

Erin and Zach said...

Dude, ryann will not forget about you. Not sure about cara ;)

I WON'T FORGET ABOUT YOU! My friend Courtney is moving to Fort Worth in June...you know what that means! (don't worry, I'll ok it with the mish prez)