Monday, March 15, 2010

Paseo Park

This weekend we also went to a park with some friends. It was kind of like a "blind date" for Rich since he didn't know this family but he actually ended up having a really good time.

The entire park is made on top of an old landfill. So the area is surrounded by old rubber tires and a ton of recycled material. There is an archery range, frisbee golf course, dog park, running trails, and a fun place for the kids to play.

(The picture below is an awesome one of someone else's kid riding on the little merry go round.)
This family actually was one of my patient's who had her baby 2 weeks ago- then she insisted she make us a breakfast of waffles, eggs, and fruit at the park. She is a super woman!

I can't forget to mention the horsie that came with us to the park.
And here is a little video clip of the ride that Rich and our new friend Nathan spent the majority of the time pushing the kids on. They got quite the work out and it was pretty fun to watch everyone enjoy themselves.
Hopefully we can go back soon and fly some kites- being an elevated park (on top of the landfill- that doesn't stink!) will make for great kite flying on a windy day.


Kristen said...

I love all the ryann quotes at the top of your funny. looks like you guys have been doing a lot of fun things :)

The Foys said...

I can't believe your friend had a baby two weeks ago and was out and about AND making a breakfast like that! Wonder woman right there! I bet your job is so awesome... that you get to be around babies being born all the time! I bet you are one awesome midwife too!

Cathy said...

So cute--I dont think that Ryann was going to let go!! Did she have hand cramps all night long?? I love that cute little red head in her Daddy's arms and that funny little horsey!!

ZWag said...

i like how rich says, "she only broke two legs" right in the beginning haha