Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Training

I love when Spring Training games are played in the perfect weather!
And guess what?!
Today was one of those days.
We got $6 lawn seats which was perfect for Ryann to run around like crazy. Rich got to watch some good playing on the Giant's part which made the game great.
Ryann above looks like she is sun bathing, but really she is getting ready to roll down the hill.
Ryann and I had a lot of fun until the big meltdown- but we won't go into details on that. Thanks again to the *H* family for watching Miss Cara Kay.

And Happy Birthday to Chris- you are such an awesome guy that always has time to play with the little ones.


Erin and Zach said...

Britti, you look so cute in your giants hat! Went snowboarding in the sunshine and nice powder today--wish you could've joined me! But, alas, you have my favorite weather and two of my favorite little girls ever. I think you win ;)

Ryann, meltdown?! Heavens, No!

Cathy said...

WHat a beautiful day!! And what a great choice of activity!! Im glad you had fun! I love you!!

Cory and Katie said...


*natalie said...

That's not the same report I got! It looked like you had a GREAT time.