Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ryann has a current obsession due to the fact that we borrowed the movie, "SPIRIT" from a friend. Spirit is a wild mustang who eats apples and lives on the wild frontier. He is brown like the majority of the horses below.
Ryann likes to pretend she is a horse. She crawls around and kicks her legs up and neighs all the time.
I can usually get her to do things by threatening to take away her horses or by telling her that her horsies want her to do it. Sometimes I have to pretend I am a horse and have her ride on my back to take her places.
Everytime we look up the horsies are somewhere else. They even went to church with us on Sunday.


Erin and Zach said...

THAT is awesome!

Kinda like her momma and stuffed puppies ;)

Cathy said...

ok this will really make Aunti Barbara laugh!! I had a "set" of ponies and horses when I was little!!

Kristen said...

ha ha! i love that you use the horsies to get her to do things! that is awesome!