Thursday, November 10, 2011

2 Whole Days!

Yes, we know it has only been 2 whole days since you flew home on your airplane... but can you come back? We really miss you!

We want to play some more, and go to the zoo again (maybe actually go inside the zoo instead of just walking around the outside. hehe), eat some yummy chicken and hot dogs, go to mcdonalds, play hide and seek, go to the mall, sing songs, watch movies, and play games and puzzles.

We also would like to take a walk, feed the ducks, and go to the park again. Our mommy and daddy try to do these things, but they are way more fun with grandma and grandpa.

**Ryann finally gave up the nickname Paca for my dad**

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Anonymous said...

Okay now who will pick us up at the airport?? Rich??