Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Poop

How does baby poop get all the way up to the armpit, shoulder blades, and belly button all in one sitting??

Did I mention this all happened AFTER the morning bath?

Nugs is trying to be gentle- CK was screaming before Nugs touched her-


Heather said...

its a mystery to us all!!!

Angie said...

Brit I loved catching up on your posts. I had taken a little break, but I am so glad to see your little CK is here safe and sound! You are such a toughy! Loved the labor story (I've gotten really into them since having a'd think I was interested in L&D or something). JK still totally not my thing! Anyway, she's beautiful!!!!

PHX_Family said...

I swear I've never cleaned up so much poop in my life. she sure looks sweet!