Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So I have heard about this picture program online called Picassa. I mostly heard of it because of the collages that people put on their blogs. Well... I always thought the collages were too small and it was too hard to see the pictures. But, when you have a busy girl like nugs and you are trying to get at least one good picture- it is sometimes funnier to see all the bad pictures instead.

So here is Nugs in all her busy glory. I tried really hard to get her to look at me. Not an easy task.
We'll see if I can get a good picture tomorrow. Wish me luck!
PS: all of these pictures were taken within seconds of each other. Really, she doesn't like to sit still for the camera. :)


Cathy said...

What a great wallpaper pattern!! I love her!!

Victoria said...

That's how all my pictures of her turn out!

Mamawags said...

this is just a glimpse at the day in the life of a young toddler!! it's precious... she makes me tired just watching her :)