Wednesday, May 13, 2009

By Popular Demand

Well, OKAY- not really that popular- but Grandma and Aunties have requested videos!
So here is a video of CK sneezing... I was expecting her to roll over, since she had just done it (the couch slants downward- she really isn't rolling over yet) But she sneezed instead so that is pretty cute.

And here is another picture for those of you with slow computers who don't want to watch a video. CK started out on her back and she ended up this way- quite a surprise for her.And on a side note- Nugs figured out how to take pictures with my camera so I have just erased 15 pictures of fingers and couch cushions.


Erin said...

AAAAWWWW!! Baby CK sneeze :)

She's so precious. Looks like I need to get SKYPE! Do you have gchat video chat?? I have that!! <3 <3

Cathy said...

Ok I am so excited to pick you guys up at the airport--this week??

Shawnie said...

Love those baby sneezes. Cute pictures!

katie said...

Adorable. My favorite part was when she asked me to hold her. I seriously want to.