Sunday, May 24, 2009

CK Close and Personal

So I decided to get all up in CK's business this morning during tummy time. She likes it so far and I am assuming she will want to be stomach sleeper like Nugs. However, I am trying to be the good practitioner and listen to the American Academy of Pediatrics and put CK "back to sleep" to reduce the chances of SIDS. Which is a good thing of course- but some babies sleep so much better on their tummy's- ah- the inner turmoil of a mother.
Actually there isn't much turmoil going on here- I am too sleep deprived to be thinking about such life altering decisions, "back or stomach" and "bassinet or co-sleep" and "work or not work"

I just do whatever the heck is the easiest at the time. So for the past couple days it has been snuggled up CK on her side in bed with me and who knows how much she really eats or not. But when I catch up on sleep I will get her back in the bassinet, on her back, and hopefully on some sort of schedule.


Wait, I am not sure cathcing up on sleep will happen. Did I mention I already started back to work?


I am crazy. I know. But those pregnant ladies don't deliver themselves. Well, they would if they had to... but I don't think that is a good idea and I don't think they want to worry about that... So, I will be there for them.


ashley said...

Oh goodie!!! You are back to the blog. I can't wait to see the girls in a couple of weeks.

Cathy said...

Sweet!! You are back at it and I get to see pictures of my babies!! She is so cute!

Angie said...

You are crazy! Already back at work! You can do it all though Brit! You are wonder woman!

katie said...

Love her.
Unbelievable that you are already back to work.

PHX_Family said...

Hey Brittani-
About the sleeping on her stomach-Kim Manwaring told me to put my kids on their stomach to sleep because of the issues surrounding the brain formation. He said that so many other issues have to do with SIDS, and not necessarily the stomach sleeping. Just be careful not to put anything else in the crib with her. We put Westie in really warm jammies and then one light blanket around his waist. I have put Westie to sleep on his stomach since day 1 and he is a VERY good sleeper. Dr. Manwaring saw him about a month ago and said that his head looks perfect! (BRAG, BRAG)
Hope this helps with the inner mother struggle.