Friday, May 29, 2009

Nugs First Month as a Big Sister

Nugs is pretty awesome. Most Mom's post information on the newborn stats at the 1 month mark- but I have absolutely no idea how much CK weighs. Haven't measured her or taken her back to the pediatrician yet. Not quite sure why- oh wait, because I am so busy. I will get to it soon though. (I might measure her myself- but then I would feel like Carlisle and Nessie)
So I came home from work today and found this picture below. Nugs takes care of her babies. She put them to sleep and gave them all silkies to sleep with. Because who can sleep without a silky??

I love my Nugs.
I love my CK too. However, she is not quite as easy as Nugs was. She seems to fuss a little more and she does not like to sleep. However, she loves to eat, she has little gas smiles all the time, and the dimples are quite amazing.
I guess I could always weigh CK on the Wii Fit.
Oh yeah- I haven't taken Nugs for her 2 year visit either. I better get it together.


Cathy said...

Oh Brittani that is so sweet of Nugs to give each of her babies a sthilkie (I tried to say it how she says it!!)I really am getting excited to see you all, I wish Rich could come!! When did Ryann turn 2? (just kidding!!)

Victoria said...

I love the Twilight reference!