Sunday, May 3, 2009


Look at how cute she is!
I really like the carseat cover too! I got it from Sassy Stork on Etsy
And as not to neglect my Nugs:
She was waiting for CK (and mommy) to come home on Friday am


Connie and Brandon said...

The birth story in increments made it much more suspenseful:) Congrats on your new addition! CK is ADORABLE and I really LOVE that carseat cover. SO cute!

{april kennedy} said...

Cara is gorgeous. What a cutie! And yay for no IV....I didn't have one with Kaia either. I loved my natural childbirth experience.

Ashley said...

How cute!

Nicole and Rob said...

So fun! Your girls are adorable. I am amazed at your labor story. I'm a wimp. I am very much looking forward to the epidural.

Whitney said...

What a great birthing story! I hope that mine goes as well as that! She is beautiful. Congratulations!

The Damron Doc said...

SHE is SO cute, can't wait to meet her! Love the carseat cover too! Love the fish tank funny!