Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crumbs For Everyone!

Very unflattering pictures for CK- I mean, come on- she has a nice little booger going on in there. But my cute little Nugs was giving her a kiss today while eating her breakfast:and I think she thought it would be nice to share some of that breakfast with her little sister. A little hard to see- but there are muffin crumbs and slobber all over CK's cheek.
How precious??

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Ash said...

Gotta love the booger pictures! I have plenty of them, especially Luke. He's one snotty kid! Your girls are precious, I love the picture of Nugs in her bed with all sorts of stuff. Lydia does the same thing, I'm surprised she hasn't strangled herself yet with a necklace or something random she puts in her bed!
On a side note--can I get added to the byu nursing class blog? I'd love to catch up on the girls from our class! Either tyler.ashley.stoddard@ gmail or would work. Thanks!!!