Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Grown Up

Some days I think CK is growing too fast, then I realize I can still put her in 0-3 month sweaters and 3 month dresses. Not for long though. I think this weekend we will be pulling out the boxes of 6 month clothes!!
It is kind of fun having babies that grow average. They fit just along the curve and change their clothes sizes at the right times. And sometimes they can fit into smaller clothes so they get used longer! I have a lot of patients whose babies are in 12 month clothes at 4 months but shopping for my kiddos is just so simple because they fit their sizes.
Makes it nice for grandmas and aunties too.
Not that I am hinting that Nugs is almost a 3T and has no winter clothes.
Oh wait- yesterday I just posted that we have record breaking temps. I guess we might not need winter clothes (aka long sleeve t shirts and a pair of pants) for this year.


The Hansen Family said...

I love that dress on her!

Erin said...

what an ADORABLE picture of you two :)

Kristen said...

ha ha i love the subtle hint ;)

Cathy said...

DId I miss something?? Ha Ha Ha!! Yes~~such a cute picture!!