Monday, October 19, 2009

My Early Riser

Having one child who likes to sleep and another one who doesn't makes life a little strange sometimes. Nugs has finally gotten used to sleeping through CK's 5:30am wakings. I try to grab CK as soon as I hear her talking and then I feed her and try to get her back to sleep.

If I put her back to sleep in her crib with Nugs in the room then they both wake up and Nugs gets cranky without her sleep. So then I try to get her to fall asleep with me- but that isn't fun. It is so much more fun to poke mommy in the eye and grab her nose and lips.

So then she is ready for a nap by 7:00 and then I have to wake her up for daycare at 7:30.

Haven't quite figured this out yet. Any suggestions?


natalie said...

You could always put her in the pack-n-play after feeding her. Then she can get used to going back to sleep without waking Ryann up.

Erin said...

blahhh. i am having the same problems with devyn staying here. what's a girl to do??