Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breakfast time

Breakfast time here on the weekends turns pretty interesting. Usually the girls eat breakfast with Miss Mary but on the weekends we get to fend for ourselves. Nugs thinks it is hilarious to push CK's highchair all over the kitchen and then back to me so I can give her a bite. Here is a little video of it all.

This video was yesterday- but it happened again today.


Erin said...

Careful she doesn't tip her over! ;) That's my niece there!

Courtney said...

Hahah Erin that's what I was JUST thinking! So cute! I love the videos Brittani, they always make me laugh!

ashley said...

Cute video - I like daddy doing the dishes in the background and Ryann's cute butt!!!

Kristen said...

Agreed that Ryann has a cute butt. Also I love how CK is just chill through the whole thing :)

Cathy said...

yes exactly..the one that is being abused does not even realize it and then poor little pusher at one point almost looks like she thinks that SHE is being abused...abused is not the right work at all but its really late!!! cute and i love them to pieces and cant wait to see them and you both!!!!