Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Our friends let us borrow their bouncer a couple days ago and CK has found it to be loads of fun. We usually have to clean out baby dolls and stuffed animals before we put her in it, and occasionally Nugs tries to get in, but overall we are having a blast.

This video makes me a little motion sick, but for the grandmas and aunties and uncles it shows how CK is growing up!


Erin said...

aaawww how i love her!
She looked so sad when you stole the item on her mouth. hehe
I'd love to see Nugs get in there...

natalie said...

Look at the skinny little legs jumping! I am so smitten with her.

Cathy said...

grandpa is always watching with me also--mind you not 6 times but he loves it just the same--and my goodness she really is growing up--Brittani I really am missing out with your kids--I am sure you both could geet jobs up here in Napa!!!