Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ryann and Cara

I have recently had a few things brought to my attention regarding how I write about my girls in my blog.
~I use their nicknames~
If you missed this I am not sure you should be reading my blog- come on I know there are some weird names out there- but Nugs? That is just plain mean.
I have never had a problem using their nicknames because this is what I call them the majority of the day. However...
1. My Aunt who faithfully reads the blog daily sometimes forgets my girl's names. (Probably a good reason to start using their real names in the blog.)
If the reason I didn't use their names was to protect them from a stranger yelling for them to get in their car or whatever- it wouldn't work because they respond to both their real names and their nicknames.
2. For the past couple days when I call for "Nugs" she looks at me and says, "I Ryry"(Probably another good reason to start using their real names in the blog.)
If the reason I use a nickname is because I want the girls to have nicknames then it doesn't really work if Ryann doesn't like her nickname. I am not sure what she is telling me- but maybe she is starting to learn some identity here and we need to call her by Ryann, or by the name she calls herself, "RyRy" (pronounced Rye- Rye)
3. Ryann might be getting confused between CK and Cara. She doesn't associate CK with Cara even though mom and dad do. (probably another good reason to start using real names in real life.)
So basically you can expect to start seeing their real names and I am going to start trying to call Nugs "Ryann" or "RyRy" more often to help her develop her sense of self. And I will also be using Cara instead of CK so much because it will help Ryann not get so confused. And it will help my aunt remember their real names. :)
I love you Aunt Barbara!!!


Carly said...

Ha, that's awesome. I don't usually have a problem with Ryann, but I really struggle with Cara. Sometimes I have to search through your blog to find the post where you decided what you were going to name her to remember what her real name is. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

The Foys said...

Your post made me laugh really hard! I guess I've never really thought about nicknames that much, but I'll pay more attention the next time I call Kade "Kadter-Tot" or Bubba that maybe I should use his real name! So cute that Ryann is learning her identity though!