Saturday, October 24, 2009

Down Time

This is what our family does after Cara goes to bed. We play and we are silly and we basically lets Ryann do whatever she wants to do.
This picture here is when she wanted to jump on the bed and pull the chain on our ceiling fan. She tried standing on daddy to reach it- but she was just a little too far away. So we thought of some lazy ideas (rather than just lift her up) and this video is what we came up with.


We were doing this for about 5 minutes before I realized it should be video taped. I am not going to apologize for the messy room because I decided it is way more fun to play after work than it is to clean.

Cleaning is what saturdays are for.


Kristen said...

oh my goodness, so funny!!! so glad you taped it :)

Erin said...

hahahahahah. so worth the wait for my slow internet to load today. lazies!!

Kelly said...

That was so funny....but why do you have to be on the bottom?? :)

Stephanie Graham said...

I laughed sooo hard!!!! I LOVE it! Our little girl cannot have a conversation when there is a mirror in sight.... she justs looks at herself and plays wit her hair. I love that little girls are just so fun!

Courtney said...

heheh you guys are cute!!!! Can't wait to see pics of your pumpkins!!!

RichSMells said...

i like when she steps on rich's junk haha