Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Addie

My little niece Addie girl is sooo happy. She smiles and giggles and says only a couple words. She is 10 weeks younger than Cara and oh so sweet. I guess I should mention she is much taller too.
Cara on the other hand, loud and sassy and demanding. She loves her grandpa, but since she hasn't been sleeping well (away from home!) she is a little crabby. Come on Cara Kay- start being happy again, just like Addie.

(I love this picture of my sister Erin and I with Addison.)


Erin and Zach said...

aaawww I love it too!! Our Addie girl is so sweet. But our Cara Kay is SO much fun. I mean, what little girl does yoga with their auntie that young? ;)

Ms. Green Eyes said...

Such a good picture of you three! So fun to see you girls tonight.

Cathy said...

Yes she is amazing at the plank--

Ron, Ashley, Ethan and Addison said...

Such a cute picture and post... these girls are going to best of friends, I just know it!!!