Monday, December 13, 2010


After the cookie fun we had this weekend I decided to give the girls each a marshmallow.

Ryann loved hers. She kept asking for more.

I asked her if they looked like clouds or little pillows (thanks Lucy)
She said both. She would lift it high above her head and say, "look, a cloud" then she would smash it up to her face and say, "Look, a pillow!"
Cara shoved the whole thing in her mouth and about 3 minutes later walked over to me, handed the marshmallow to me ans said, "here, yucky, hand please." She wanted me to wash her hands.
She liked posing for the picture though.

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Erin and Zach said...

remember when we would cook marshmallows in the microwave?? they are the best. i might just buy some tomorrow :)