Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ward Christmas Party part 2

My homemade bread bowls were a hit! They were consumed in 3 seconds flat. Okay, I guess they weren't that quick- I was able to snap a picture. I used Bear Creek Potato Soup and it was perfect. It was safe for our shellfish allergy group at the table too.
Our theme was White Christmas so I just made it look like a pretty traditional setting. We had White Christmas Trivia and pictures at the table.
We had a great group who brought some delcious food and drinks.
Here was The Christmas Story table- they even had a Tiny Tim.

The Grinch table had little "Who's" at their table and everyone had to play the part. They even sang songs.
The ELF table was awesome. Spaghetti, candy, syrup, and coke. It doesn't get much better than that!

Tomorrow I will post the pictures of Ryann and Cara getting to see Santa.
I will also try to figure out about a video that Rich took of Ryann singing for Santa.


Cathy said...

Wow--the tables look so pretty and fun--and the food looked great--cute pigs in a blanket--how fun when the ward can work together like that!! You and your friends are awesome--I cant wait to see the pictures of the girls and download my pics to you!!

Victoria said...

It was such a great party! Thanks for inviting us...and yes those bread bowls were soooo good!!