Thursday, December 2, 2010

Her Mother's Daughter

Ryann is has inherited many of my qualities and character traits. She looks like me, she has my lips, my nose, and is 100% my smile. She is stubborn, independent, and entertains herself very well.

Apparently she has inherited my skin.
At the ripe old age of 3 1/2 she has her first mole. Not just a freckle, cause she has like 6 or 7 of those, but a Nevi (mole).

The poor girl- it is on the top of her ear- one of the number one spots for skin cancer. I bet she will have it removed by the time she is 16.
I am trying to count up all the moles I have had removed. At least 10. 2 have been dysplastic and one I had to have removed 2 times to make sure they got it all.

I will be going back to my dermatologist in about 3 months to get another one checked and probably taken off. Thankfully nothing has been cancerous yet. I am not very optimistic that I will miss the skin cancer boat though. Both sides of the family have had it and I used to go to those stinking tanning beds in high school.

Maybe I should buy stock in sunscreen as well.

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