Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brain Freeze

Ryann and I ate some ice cream last night after the play. She kept saying it was too cold. After a couple bites she got a brain freeze and I am thinking it was her first one ever. Weird yes, but not so much because we never eat ice cream in our house. Well, honestly, hardly ever never do we eat it. This ice cream in the fridge had freezer burn on it because it had been in there so long.

After explaining why her head hurt, Ryann decided to take it slow.
Here she is preparing for a big bite.

Then after she put it in her mouth she would say, "TOO COLD!" and start to spit it back out in the spoon. Then she would take that same bite again and again until it wasn't "too cold" anymore.
Maybe she was dragging out her bedtime by taking forever to eat it?
Or she is just being a little smarty pants and finding solutions to her problems.

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Cathy said...

Such cute pictures!!