Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patrick's Day Post

I figure since I am part Irish I better do a quick little St Patrick's Day post... even if it is a day late.

Hey, guess what else? I have posted over 900 posts! Wow. That is seriously insane. I guess it shows that I love my extended family over 900 times because I post for you guys!

Back to this post... my camera is still missing so I had to snap these pictures with my phone.
How do we celebrate St Patrick's Day?
Green hats, green cookies, green M&Ms, Martinelli's, and spending a fun evening at the park with a bunch of friends from church.
Here is a close up of the cookies- the orange sprinkles are some of the gold dust that the leprechaun left behind... and the M&M's are because we know daddy only likes cookies with chocolate. Sugar cookies just don't do it for him.

I wish I would have taken picture of our green potluck at the park. We had green spaghetti, green donuts, green punch, asparagus, pesto sandwiches, green pudding, green jello, and our contribution was... chicken nuggets from McDonald's.
Hey! I am a working mom and my husband was watching a BYU basketball game. What else was I supposed to do??

It was so much fun to get out in this beautiful Arizona weather with a bunch of friends.

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