Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giants Spring Training

We were able to go to 2 spring training games this past week with my parents. Ryann went to the first one with us. She did great and she passed out asleep around the beginning of the 8th inning. Couldn't ask for much more from her.

This is the picture we took when we told her that Uncle Cory wasn't going to be at the game (the biggest Giants fan ever!)
Then we told her it would be okay because she could eat all the noodles, cotton candy, and kettle corn she wanted.
And here is proof that my wonderful parents actually came to visit!
Just kidding... I love you guys!

Who is coming next to visit us during Spring Training?
The guest bedroom is open for business!

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Erin and Zach said...

i WISH!! So cute. <3