Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Transportation Day

Every year our local community holds a "transportation day" where they have all sorts of cars, trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, hummers, limos, etc. We walked down and let the girls run around like crazy. Lines are no fun so we only got pictures with the vehicles that didn't have a lot of lines.
Here are the girls on the school bus- we did have time to sing "wheels on the bus." Both girls are pretty dang good at singing that song.
Ryann couldn't figure out who she was supposed to look at when daddy took this picture of her on the caterpillar.
Not the best picture of me, but I was very surprised that all three of us were looking at daddy when he snapped this shot of us on the fire truck!
It is always fun to go and see lots of friends and friendly faces.


Erin and Zach said...

Aaahhh that last photo is fantastic! blow it up and frame it! you all look so cute :)


Cathy said...

What a cute picture--and what a fun activity!!

Jan said...

How fun! Just wait until those ladies want their own car to drive! ;)