Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pictures with my Girls

Forget trying to get a picture of the family. I just tried to get pictures of me and my girls, one at a time!
Tough to do.
Here is Ryann with her pillow pet. She loves this guy. She really wants a mini pillow pet unicorn for Easter. She keeps telling me to ask the Easter Bunny. Did someone tell her Easter is like Christmas? Because I didn't think you get a wishlist for Easter like you do for Christmas.
This is her hair after taking it out of her "pony braids". She was loving it- despite what her face in the picture tells you.
And here is miss Cara Kay. She is saying "Cheese" and trying to take a pretend picture with her hands.
I also love that she wears dress up high heels as much as possible.
Where did she get that from???


The Foys said...

That is precious. Your girls are just too cute :0)

Erin and Zach said...

adorable photos. man i miss you guys!!


Cathy said...

Oh so cute-- and daddy thought miss cara kay was ryann--she is so cute and growing up with her high heels on-- i think you do get wish lists for Easter-- well if you dont you should!!! Pretty Momma!!