Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camping Day 2

We started our second day of camping with some amazing egg mcmuffins. I think Rich ate at least 4, I know I had 2, and the girls each ate decent. Overall we scarfed down 12 between 4 adults and 4 kids. Not too shabby. We also had some fresh melon and orange juice.
The girls enjoyed this little double camping chair courtesy of the Baker family. So fun even the 1 year old who was with us could get in and out of it easily.
Ryann wanted me to take a picture of her CRAZY hair-- the static really made her laugh.
The girls had a lot of fun playing in their own tent. Did I mention that we had a second tent just for them?? It was amazing. Both nights they ended up in bed with us, but for the most of the night it was wonderful. Thanks to the Hansens for letting us borrow that tent too.
It was also really nice to send them to their tent when they were crabby or in the way. We gave them some toys and some games and they were happy. The did get a little silly- Cara putting underwear on the head and more.
That morning we were able to watch a civil war reenactment/ battle. It was LOUD but neat to watch. The men and women were so enthusiastic about this passion and more than willing to share information about this era. Rich and I were much more excited about it than the girls.


Heather said...

ok, LOVE the separate "kids-tent" idea! i'm going to store that away for future reference!

Brittini & Alex said...

I miss you guys :( those pretty angels are getting so huge!