Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Achilles

We have a pet! I know, you are thinking... "WHAT? Rich hates animals!"
Not entirely true. He doesn't hate them. He just would never want to own one that he had to pay for on its own. For some very good and very valid reasons of course.

However, we currently have this sweet kitty Achilles living with us along with his proud papa, my cousin, Rob. Achilles is a very smart cat. He hides from Ryann and Cara all day long and then comes out when they go to sleep.
Like clockwork. If the girls get in their beds, he comes out.
However, we convinced him to come out of hiding and Ryann had to walk VERY SLOW in order to not scare him away.
She finally got to play with him and was so excited.
Ryann and Cara pray for "killies" every day so he won't be scared of them.


Cathy said...

yea for cats!! But dont tell Dad cuz he is allergic!!

The Bellyakers... said...

That is an adorable post!! Cute cat too!

Erin and Zach said...

AAAhhh SO CUTE! I am allergic too but I love kitties so much that I just suck it up and take Claritin. I LOVE that the girls pray for killies...SO adorable. Now I REALLY have to come to AZ so I can hang with cute girls AND a cute kitty. Miss you guys :)