Monday, June 27, 2011


Cara isn't allowed to color with markers because she draws all over herself.

I caught her with some markers the other day and I looked at her and was about to praise her and give her the marker back because she hadn't colored all over herself.

Guess what? She did. She is just getting sneakier and smarter.
She only colored where mommy wouldn't see it.
Really Cara? Next time go for the bottom of your foot. Or inside your mouth or armpit or something. Not your belly.

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Kelly said...

I feel your now 8 year old would draw on everything. Walls, fridge, himself, etc. The best one was when I had returned home from a medical procedure, still under the effects of the anesthesia, I laid down on the couch to recover. When I woke up my legs and arms were covered with marker...all the letters he knew and lots of shapes in every color of the rainbow. Thank goodness it wasn't sharpie! It did take a few days to get those tattoos to go away!!