Saturday, June 4, 2011


Cara like to pretend she is stuck in the most random places. She will lean her head of the couch and yell, "I'm stuck mom! Help me!"

Or she will stand on one foot and say, "I'm stuck mom! Help me!"

Sometimes she opens up the cabinets and says, "I'm stuck mom! Help me!"
Clearly she is never stuck. Too bad she doesn't understand the message behind the movie Chicken Little.
Wait, have you seen the new movie of chicken little? It basically says parents are dumb for not believing their children. Scratch the Chicken Little idea.
Maybe I need to tell her the story about the boy who cried wolf?
Or I will just run in and pretend to save my daughter over and over and over again.
Cause who can leave this cute little mug stranded when she needs "help!"??


Matt and Melissa said...

What cute pictures!

Cathy said...

So cute!! Tell her that Grandma will come save her!! XOXO

Erin and Zach said...

I think you meant NUG - but I would save her anyday!

Kristen Kohler said...

That is so so cute!! She is looking more grown up too!

Angie said...

ha ha Simon does that sometimes too. Kids are crazy!