Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hiking Boots

So I bought these hiking boots for $16 at big 5 about 4 (?) months ago. I figure that was approximately $1 a week to be able to hike every day, stay in shape, and do something I love. Way cheaper than a gym membership. That is like 20 cents a day (I mostly hike 5 days a week)
I was not sad to throw them in the garbage this morning and start fresh with a $19 pair of boots.

I will let you know how long these new ones last me. I can already tell that the sole is a lot thicker. There isn't as good as ankle support as these old boots, but I ran all the way down the mountain this morning and made it in record time.
So long $16 boots.


Kate said...

I'm so impressed that you hike so much! We went last weekend and it is a workout. I'm thinking I should start hiking more. You're an inspiration!

Cathy said...

Ha Ha-- a coach purse and beautiful front loading washer and dryer set and a pair of cheap hiking boots?? Ask your Dad to buy you some hiking boots!!! XOXO

RoseRunner said...

you have been hiking HARD!! that's proof. Nicely done