Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair Did

So I got my hair done a couple weeks ago. Not thrilled with the outcome. I guess I am spoiled because of Devyn always doing my hair and always doing it perfect.

So... instead of going back I decided to try and fix it myself.
The left side looks better than the right, but I will re-touch up the right side another day.
basically the before picture would have been a big patch of no highlights and brown hair.... you can still see some of the dark underneath the highlights I put on the side there.

Thanks Devyn for all your tips and years of doing my hair!


~Ashley~ said...

As a hairstylist I am IMPRESSED!!!
Great job:)

Devyn Pickett said...

way to go britti!! don't worry when you are in UTAH in october we can get your hair done!! oh and are you going to napa for thanksgiving or christmas?? xxox

Anonymous said...

It looks great Britti!!! You did a great job!!I love you!!