Friday, September 9, 2011

Killer Boots Man

Since we have all of our stuff in boxes in the garage (we got an offer on our house by the way!) I haven't had time to find shoes for Cara that fit her. She has FINALLY grown out of size 5 shoes so we are now on to 5 1/2 or 6. We have plenty of that size shoe, it is just buried way deep in the depths of our garage.

Anyway, I went to a second hand kid store- called kid to kid- to look for some shoes for Cara that would be really cheap and just hold her over until we get back to normal life. I found like 3 or 4 cute pairs that fit and she would say, "I don't like that one" or "too big. I don't like it." We did this over and over again so finally I gave up.

That is when Ryann came running down the aisle to show me what she found:
These babies light up when she walks. So amazing and she was smitten with them. She wouldn't let them out of her hands until she had me convinced to shell out the $9.99 for the best boots ever.

I have one happy cowgirl.
I think Uncle Zach will be proud.
I better send him a picture.


Anonymous said...

Oh right away -- those are the best ever!! Tell Ry Ry that Grandma just thinks that they are grand. And Cara will learn that she misses out!!

Erin and Zach said...

LOVE IT! You must send a photo to Zach!