Saturday, September 24, 2011

Having Fun in Kentucky

Last night we spent some time in downtown Louisville. We saw a giant Louisville slugger baseball bat and we went to a really cool hotel for a party.

They had some cool stuff. Ashley liked the bison burger, but I of course liked the cookies the best.

I wanted to just wear my cute dress, but it was too cold for this Arizona girl so I wore my jeggings underneath.

Missing my girls!


{april kennedy} said...

cute pictures! so glad you girls are having fun. can't wait to get a full report from Ashley when you girls get back!!

me said...

Nice photos

cntaharrison said...

What in the heck! You were in Louisville? That is less than 30 miles from us at Fort Knox. I wish I would have known. I need to be a better friend so that I know when you are in the neighborhood. Sorry Brit. :(