Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Dancer

Ryann wasn't actually invited to the wedding of a loyal blog follower... but she does have some sweet moves that I am hoping will be taken to the wedding dance floor at the end of the month.
So Kate, Erin and Courtney (since you will all be there!) please take note of this dance... skip the dancing lessons and when Hot Chelle Ray comes on
1.Thank the DJ
2.please bust out these sweet moves.
3. Celebrate and know that the Hamiltons send their love
4. Congrats Kate, we are so excited for you!


RoseRunner said...

I especially like the floor moves. I will be practicing

kate candland said...

John and I were cracking up watching this last night, needless to say he's bummed Ryann can't come. This makes me oh so happy, thank you for the shout out! xoxo

Courtney said...

OMG love that!!!!!!! :) Very cute! We will be sending you some videos heheehehhe!

Kristen Kohler said...

This is hilarious!!! What is she watching? and where did you guys get those sundaes (a few posts ago)? So yummy looking!