Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh MacBlogger

I am trying to blog on a Mac computer. Never have done it before (except yesterday) and I am not so excited about my pictures not being loaded correctly.

So turn your head to the side after this first picture of my breakfast this morning.
So here is Ashley and I playing checkers in Cracker Barrel. Yup, that is where we ate dinner. Delicious big meal and dessert for a total of $13. We got a free cab ride over cause we shared the cab with another guy from our hotel, and then we didn't have cash (we thought we could use a credit card) so the cab driver gave us a ride home for free.
She finally has a smile on her face after we are nice and fed!
Or maybe she was smiling because she kicked my butt in checkers.
I am sure it was because of the food.
And here is a cute picture of Ryann and Curious George. My sitter took this picture of her and she is just the sweetest little thing.

I miss my girls.
When I get home tomorrow night I am going to walk into their rooms and snuggle with each of them. Well, actually just Ryann because she likes to cuddle with me when she sleeps. Cara like to wake up and play with me. I will give Cara a kiss though.

And then cuddle with her in the morning!


Anonymous said...

The pictures look great and I cannot wait to hear everything about everything--what a great opportunity for your girls!! Yep I bet it was because she kicked butt!! Your girls will be waiting to cuddle!!I love you!

Devyn Pickett said...

OH no! i guess Ryann wants me to come visit!!! can you bring her to utah?!!!