Friday, September 16, 2011

Foothills Ward Fiesta

Last year HERE Rich had a blast playing at our ward party. He was the ping pong champ.

I guess they don't let you be it two years in a row because he was in charge of hosting the tournament. He wore the same shirt this year and we all had fun.

The girls especially had fun hitting the pinata.
I didn't get pictures of them at bat because I was the one doing crowd control and making sure no one got hit in the head with the stick.
Daddy dressed them (good job) and also was responsible for their hair (not as good a job)
Here is our Bishopric singing the Frito Bandito song. Classic.


Anonymous said...

What a blast Britt-- darling pictures of the girls-- and what a fun thing that your bishopric sings--let me in tho--what is the frito bandito song??

Matt and Melissa said...

What a fun ward activity! Love the pictures!