Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday Week

I decided to post Rich's favorite pictures of the birthday party in honor of his "birthday week."

He turns 34 this week and I am trying to remind him every day :)
He is so lucky to have me.

Anyway... Rich missed this birthday party we went to this weekend because he was watching a very intense football game... but this was his favorite picture when I told him the story behind it.

Here is Cara, she is trying to feed some straw to the animals in the petting zoo.
She is yelling, "COME HERE CAMEL!!! COME EAT CAMEL!!"
This wasn't an exotic petting zoo, but I guess a llama looks a lot like a camel to a 2 year old, wearing Incredibles panties, pants falling off, girl from Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

come eat Cara--- come eat sounds the same almost!