Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flowers from a patient

Today I received a potted flower of hyacinths from a patient of mine. I helped to deliver her baby over a month ago. They are gorgeous and smell amazing and it was really thoughtful of her. As I held her sweet newborn boy I was reminded of the precious gifts that are given to us on this earth.
However, earlier today was a rough, emotional, day at work for me. I spent almost an hour with a patient who recently lost her 15 year old son. We cried and talked and I know her grieving process is so fresh and so young that it touched me to my soul. I felt inspired to spend extra time loving on my girls and reminding them that I needed their help to become a better mother.

Both experiences today were for my profit and learning, things I needed to hear and to learn. I am reminded to stay humble and thank the Lord for all of the things that I have, because without his hand in my life I don't know how I would continue to stay positive and ready to face another day.

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