Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Rich- Disney Edition

On Friday we celebrated Rich's 34th birthday. We started off the morning by Rich getting his "birthday" pin so he could start counting the number of times people said "happy birthday" to him. Rich couldn't keep track there were so many!!

Then we headed down to be in toon town for the "honorary citizens" where we got to go in an hour early and take a lot of pictures with the characters. The girls were so excited to be there and having so much fun. We probably went on the roller coaster there 4 times.
Rich spent some time for his birthday having a tea party at Minnie's house. Outside of Minnie's house there was a wishing well. Ryann says, "I wish I can marry Xavier!!!" down the wishing well... every father's dream to hear his (almost) 5 year old wish for a future husband already...
Later on we met up with Buzz Lightyear and finally got a family picture. Ignore my dorky shoes. The boots I had been wearing the day before made me a little bit sore- so I decided for function instead of fashion.
(now that is a huge birthday deal for Rich! His wife finally choosing a practical route.)
We finished off the night we ElecTRONica and world of color.
Happy birthday Rich. I hope it was wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rich-- 34 !!! We sure love you!!

Erin and Zach said...

Cheers to being old, Rich!!