Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seriously Spoiled

I can't get over how much fun and excitement this week has been. I have so many wonderful friends.
Tonight I had some sweet girls come pick me up and take me out on the town. By 7:30 we were in Scottsdale after having dinner and wondering what to do. I said, "Wait! We should go dancing!" So we started looking up clubs on our phones- and then we realized it was 7:30 and there was no way we would make it until a club even opened for us to go dancing.
Even without dancing we had a blast and I was home by 10:30 to kiss my sleeping girls. I am exhausted but it was so sweet of them.

On the way home we pulled over as soon as we saw my birthday fireworks going off.
Technically they weren't my birthday fireworks- but I can't think of any other reason they would be going off so I assume they were for me.
Then I had to take a picture of this Cheshire cat moon. Isn't it purrdy??

Then when I got home I started uploading these pictures and Rich brought over some cards and packages I got in the mail. Besides my amazing family- one of the packages I got was from a middle school/high school and now blogging friend for life. It was the sweetest package- each small gift was individually thought of just for me. I almost started to cry because of all the sweet things that have happened to me this week. AND IT ISN'T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY YET!!!
(i will show pictures of my package later)

Also- I should mention that our 2nd buyer backed out of our house a couple weeks ago- so we prepped the house again and put it on the market last night. Today we had 6 showings and an offer already came in, for $10,000 more than we were asking for. Miracle, seriously.

Up tomorrow... a special birthday post all about me!!
(Wait, i think today was all about me too... oh well! It is my birthday and my blog :P )


Kim said...

That's crazy that you had that many showings and an incredible offer after being on the market for a day! lol. Have you guys looked at houses or found one you liked yet?

ashley said...

living it up for your birthday week ~ love you!

RoseRunner said...

There is NO other reason for fireworks in late January. Obviously for you. And the Chesire cat moon is creepy -- I don't think I've ever noticed a crescent moon that is bottom heavy like that!

p.s. I'm glad you got new shoes to go with your other running goodies ;) I think cheap running shoes are just as good as the $120 pairs