Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Lunch

I never go out to lunch. Basically in the past 20 months at my job I have been out to lunch 3 times.

Today I wanted to go. Not sure why I wanted to go, I just went. The girls in my office took me to a place called "Lenny's Burger" because they said it was delicious.

It is in downtown Phoenix and it was very crowded. When I got out of my car there was a scruffy (as in not much better than homeless) man helping someone change a tire. He came up to me and asked it I would be able to buy his "lady" (probably his mother) a small hamburger since she was so hungry and hadn't been able to eat all day.

He didn't ask for money and he was doing service for someone else so without hesitation I took her inside and bought her the biggest meal I could find on the menu. It was small and simple and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to do this for someone today.

Yesterday on facebook I had a friend post, "have you done any good in the world today?" I want to challenge you to do something good for someone this week. Pay for their toll, pay for their meal, help pick up the toy that their kid threw across the restaurant, let them merge into your lane, anything.

This man who helped someone change a tire will never understand how he helped me today. I feel so blessed because he presented me with the opportunity to serve. He was grateful and I am sure he is happy that his "lady" got a meal, but it will last a lot longer for me than it will for her.

I know that I am blessed on a daily basis but this has touched me today, it has reminded me that I am so fortunate and there are so many people out there who love me.


Devyn Pickett said...

you are an amazing person britti! and i love you!!!! you made their day!!

Anonymous said...

wow-it touched my life also!! Thanks Sissie! You are the bomb!!