Friday, January 27, 2012

My Day in Review

I figure since it is my birthday weekend, I would post somethings of my day.
This morning my girls convinced me to cuddle with them instead of doing the dishes. Don't let Cara fool you, she was so excited for the extra attention.

I love that we have turned off the TV in the mornings. I used to turn it on so I could get ready in peace- but guess what? I love having little ones run around my bathroom and help me pick out my clothes and beg me to wear makeup (only Cara begs- Ryann could care less).
Then I had a SUPER BUSY day at work, but when I got home, my little helper helped me to make pizza for dinner. Mickey Mouse and a rainbow.
Then we topped it off with a game night with friends and these AMAZING cookies. I swear, this girl has 1001 recipes on desserts to make using chocolate and peanut butter. She should make a cookbook.
2 more days until my birthday! But the celebrating has been going on all week.


Anonymous said...

Oh how fun--let the celebrating begin!! Happy Birthday!!

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