Saturday, January 21, 2012


I forget how much the characters at Disneyland mean to little kids. I remember it was cool to have the autograph books- but standing in line for a high five or a hug? No way.

Until Cara comes along. Cara wanted a picture with EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. I said no more often than not, but she was often in tears until she saw the next character or distraction. Cara would walk down the street and grab my hand and say, "MOM! I need a hug from tigger!!" or "Mom! I want a hug from Daisy." on and on and on. We often gave in if the line was short- but she was just in heaven knowing that each of these characters were there to see her and play with her and high five her.
It didn't help much when the characters really were there to interact with her. She was so smiley and giggly each time one came to her that often they would grab her hand and walk down the street with her. It was so incredible to see the time and attention they spent with her.
Jake- from Jake and the Neverland Pirates was there. He played hide-n-seek with Ryann and Cara. He walked with Cara up and down to street- tried to convince people to give her things or blow bubbles for her- which he succeeded. She got stickers and bubbles and high fives and it was so much fun for her.

Pluto here is pretending to bite Ryann's head. She was pretty sleepy, but she thought it was funny.
Cara and Minnie.

Cara and pluto. They danced for about 10 minutes before the parade began and that girl likes to shake her booty!

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Erin and Zach said...

That is so cute. I love how special they must've made the girls feel. Did they have autograph books? I remember I bought one with my own money and was SO excited to get autographs. PS goofy eating ryann's head - love it. SO FUN