Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday

All throughout the day today I have been replaying in my mind Ryann's birth. I think that a birthday for a child is one of celebration but also of reflection. I smile when I look back and remember the events that happened on the beautiful day she was born. I am so thankful for how things went and how I was able to share those special moments with so many people who mean so much to me in my life.

(here she is with her hair done and a special birthday flower in her hair. She wanted me to take a picture so you could see the flower)
Ryann was shocked today when Auntie Erin told her that when she was born she came out naked. HAHA! I guess I never thought to tell her that.

(Thanks for the boots auntie Erin! Thanks for the dress Grandma!)
Ryann had such a fun day today. She went to daycare and they made her a birthday crown, had birthday cookies, made a birthday card with horses on it, and I do believe they made her feel like a birthday princess. Rich also picked her up early and took her to a movie- A special Daddy Daughter birthday date.
(Ryann and Cara- very cute of Ryann, but seriously Cara?? Get that apple out of your mouth!)
We finished off the day with a few happy birthday songs on the phone, some facetime, and a special pink birthday donut.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and this birthday girl had a fabulous 5th birthday!


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for Daddy to come home and he isn't even home yet. Happy Birthday to my five year old!! O LOVE YOU!!!

kate candland said...

I had those boots too! Adorbs girls, what a fun 5th bday for Ryann!

Erin and Zach said...

Man I have great taste & killer facts to share. Love you RYANN!