Monday, February 20, 2012

Like Yeah

Just a little sneak peak of our future home.
:) We are pretty excited about leaving the world of home ownership and heading off into rental land.

No Joke.

We don't have to replace our AC unit. We don't have to replace our carpet. The garage door that is breaking? Yeah- don't have to fix that either.
We don't even have to mow our lawn or pick our weeds!

Upside down in our house by over $100,000. That's right! Don't have to worry about that anymore either.

Some day we will get back into the world of our own home. But until then... Rich's honey do list is about 30 items smaller.


Carly said...

We are renting now, too. It's awesome. I love the freedom of knowing we can just decide to leave if we want to and knowing if something breaks, it's not our problem. (Unless we break it, I guess. :) Unlike you, though, we still own our other home. I like to refer to it as the "ball and chain." The day I finally find a way to detach myself from it will be a happy day!

john:and:aim said...

That's awesome! Where is this new place? Looks like over where the Hansen's moved?? We moved to AZ back when houses were like a million dollars for a 3bdrm!! There was NO WAY we were going to pay that kind of $$ on a house. So we waited! For 5 years we waited! We tried to buy a couple times and it didn't work out, so we listened! And the renting game certainly paid off! We're so glad to be homeowners again - but we miss our landlords in Ahwatukee - they were like family. Sounds like you guys are happy :0)

Kim said...

You guys would move IN to our neighborhood right when we moved OUT. ugh. just our luck. we could have had dinner together every night! lol. i bet rich would have loved to live that close to chase... hahaha.