Saturday, February 11, 2012

Party at the Park

What is the best part about having a birthday party at the park? You don't have to clean your house before and after a party!

I asked Ryann if it was okay if her party was at a park this year and she said, "Sure mom" then she asked if it could be themed horses. I said the ever so often heard, "We'll see" and she didn't even notice that there wasn't a horse decoration in site.

We played with balloons
We painted beads and made necklaces
We broke open the dragon pinata
(well, Rex did, but come on- since when do 5 year-olds break open a $9 pinata from target?)
We ate some birthday cake
And of course we opened presents. It is so much fun that in her little 5 years all of her friends know her so well. She came home with ponies and princesses and wait... that sounds like every other 5 year old girl. Well, I guess it was overwhelmingly my little pony toys. And that my friends, is Ryann.

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Anna said...

Happy 5th birthday Ryann!! You are so lucky it was warm enough to have a park party in February! Love, CC and Oli