Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Packing Away

Wow, packing is tough but liberating.

We are moving to a place about the same size, but with WAY LESS STORAGE since Rich has put in a ton of storage space in the garage and in the attic. So, we are getting rid of those things you really don't need. The boxes below are what is ready to be moved to the new place.... still lots to go.
We are getting rid of them by holding a garage sale this weekend!~ Hopefully the last one I will ever have! Below is a start of our stuff to sell. We need to get rid of all of our baby girl clothes. Both girls have worn all the clothes and they are worn and tattered and we just don't have room.
But I guess if I want to guarantee a third girl for the Hamilton family in the future this is the way to do it- get rid of everything!

Haha, I am sending up some fun stuff for Devyn and Miss Hazel though. Because I couldn't just get rid of all the cute stuff.

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